Welcome to Sevierville Painters, we are known as one of the best Painting Contractors in Sevierville,If not the best in Sevierville. Call us for your next painting job, Sevierville Painters, a Sevierville,Maryville,Jefferson City,and all surrounding counties,Sevierville Painters a Tn painting contractor , your one stop shop for interior, and exterior painting, we are a family run Painting business. We've been providing excellence for over 15 years. Sevierville Painters company has been receiving accolades from home owners for many years. Along with being on Angie's List we also won the top merchant award,and BBB. My name is Joe and my wifes name is Christy if your interested in finding a painting contractor you can trust give us a call. Our Interior house Painter in Sevierville TN. company is fully licensed and insured. I'm always onsite an able to answer any questions you might have, no matter what they maybe. On every estimate I really take the time to look at problem areas you have and discuss with you the possible reason for the problem and how to properly fix it. At the estimate I'll do a walk around with you and explain the steps we'll take to make your paint job last longer and protect your property. In house painting the better the prep the longer it last. At Seveirville Painters we don't skip steps and we use the highest quality paints. That's just not talk it's a fact. For instance the exterior trim paint we use is Sherwin Williams Duration, it cost $58 per gallon and it's the most expensive of all the major brands. Duration is 3 mil thick when dry other paints are only 1.5 mils thick dry, this saves us time and provides you with a superior paint job. This paint cost allot of money but the cost is made up in time saved so it really doesn't cost us or you anymore. We always say "cheap paint ain' good, and good paint ain' cheap". I'm not saying we use the most expensive paint we can find for everything but I am saying we always use the best. That's what makes our house painting company different, we really want your painting to last as long as possible. Where other exterior painting companies hope your paint job last 5 years, our goal is to produce house painting that will last at least 7 to 10 years. 

Don't talk to an answering machine, call us for a free estimate & get personalized service from Knoxville's premier painting company. Our Exterior house painting In Sevierville TN.service team is made up of experienced professionals who can paint the Interior or Exterior of your home, cabin, condominium, or office building. We use only the best paints and have a large variety of colors to choose from. I love making a home beautiful, and I'm passionate about every job. We do our best to understand exactly what you want before we get started.

Interior House Painter Sevierville TN.

Set up Moving heavy items - furniture placed in center of each room, covered utilizing new plastic sheeting

Protect wood floors: special protectors are used

Protect carpet and vinyl using new drop cloth

Protect counter tops / cabinetry / railings

Prepare Specific to the customers outlined project scope

Voids, holes, imperfections and cracks will be filled utilizing premium mediums

Paint Pre clean all woodwork utilizing tack cloths

Prime any imperfections and new construction

Apply quality products for a consistent professional finish

Cleaning Furniture and accessories are replaced to original positions

Floors are swept and vacuumed

All project tools, equipment, and trash is removed from site

Final inspection walk thru

Exterior House Painter Sevierville TN.

Remove dirt, and grime by water blasting at low to medium pressure

More pressure is applied to large hard to reach areas

Surface Prep Weather checked paint is scraped and sanded smooth

Glossy enamel surfaces shall be scuff sanded

Caulking Quality urethane mediums shall be utilized

Paint Prime new and repaired areas before applying finish coat.

Application of quality paints applied for consistent professional finish

Complete clean up shall be performed, trash removal and sweeping of paint chips

Inspect Complete and finalize project.

Home owner inspection and sign off. Whether you have a home or commercial painting project, Sevierville Painters guarantees the highest measure of quality craftsmanship. All painted surfaces will be properly prepared before applying any finishes,and will be completed according to industry standards.

Sevierville Painters, a painter which serves Sevierville, Maryville, Jefferson City, and all of east Tennessee we take pride in the fact that we are a locally owned and operated family business. This allows us, as Painters in Sevierville TN to stay more competitive than other Painting Companies in Tn. We have 2 Painting Service Locations . If your looking for Sevierville Painting Contractor , you need not look further, Sevierville Painters in Sevierville Tn is the best but don't take our word for it hit the testimonials button and see what there saying about us.

​If Sevierville Painters can't handle something we will refer you to someone who can. 
In short, what ever your painting needs are, if you are looking for a quality painting company, and professional hassle free service, look no further and choose Sevierville Painters Painting Company.We believe you shouldn't pay more for quality. With us, it comes standard. Make Us Your Next Call.

​We're members of the following organizations:

1. Painting and Decorating Contractors of America  

2. Contractors Benefit Association

We proudly use superior brands of paint: 
Porter Paints 
Benjamin Moore Paints 
Pittsburgh paints


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Thank you so much for making my house look so lovely. I am very lucky that you put such caring and effort into what your work. Many thanks for your efforts - especially today when I truly needed the help. I let out a cheer when I walked in the door. I can tell you worked very hard and it showed.
many thanks again, from a very satisfied customer.
Lenora Banks
Sevierville TN

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